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Nov 24, 2009 4:00am EST
obama in washington. we'll discuss what to expect for the future of u.s./indian relations. we'll be joined by a special appearance by maria who is in singapore today. um bill-- why is dick butkus here? i hired him to speak. a lot of fortune 500 companies use him. but-i'm your only employee. we're going to start using fedex to ship globally- that means billions of potential customers. we're gonna be huge. good morning! you know business is a lot like football. i just don't understand... i'm sorry dick butkus (announcer) we understand. your business could use a pep talk. visit >>> the london market up nearly 2% right now. it is down right now. lloyd's banking group, stock is up 1.5%. treefd priced a record 1.5 billion pence issue. so the stock up 1.6%, as you can see on that. it follows a pretty good new form of bond issuance there now. which means the total capital raising is going to be the biggest on record, well over 20 billion pounds is the total cash call, but the stock looked like it's going to -- the rights issue looks like it's going to get away fairly well.
Nov 20, 2009 4:00am EST
commission. so the question is, which of you will be calling obama when europe wants to talk to him and which of you will barack obama be calling when he wants to talk to europe? thank you. >> i'm anxiously waiting for the first phone call. >> now, as you can see, there is a little bit of embarrassment or an awkward silence, if you want. basically, they have chosen one man to be the first eu full time president, but it's not clear yet if he is the man mr. obama is going to be calling. becky, back to you. >> if you have any of those phone numbers, you can pass them on to us. let's get it back to matt now and find out what's coming up next. >> we have all kinds of things. we aren't going to be discussing bulls and bears today. we're going to take a look at wear wolves versus vampires. in light of the fact that the second "twilight" film opens today in dozens of countries around the world. it is expected to open some big money.             q >>> welcome back to the show. now, it's opening weekend in most countries, at least, for the second installment of the twilight serie
Nov 25, 2009 4:00am EST
says the idea is gaining traction in congress. president obama's budget director met with senate budget committee chairman tuesday. the aim is to bring democrats and republicans together to make tough decisions on cutting costs and raising revenues in areas such as social security social security, medicaid and taxes. the budget deficit is $1.4 trillion for fiscal 2009 and is expected to shrink next year. >>> microsoft's chief financial officer has decided to leave microsoft by the end of the year. he wants to expand his career beyond the duties of a cfo. he plans to explore possibilities of private equity. the company says his departure was his own choice. during his tenure, he reduced microsoft's huge cash and raised debt for the first time in history. >>> it is thanksgiving in the u.s. tomorrow and that means one thing, folks. the winter holiday season is upon us. what better way to sooth your mind from the manic shopping centers and relentless holiday musics than a serene visit, and you can mix yourself a drink apparently, as well. check out the top ten holiday cockta
Nov 23, 2009 4:00am EST
would have to be ironed out in january before president obama would be able to sign a final measure. >>> also of note, all of these years after they made them famous, vampires and werewolves are still popular at the box office. "twilight: new moon" which features several shirtless creatures that go bump in the night pulled in $258 million worldwide, the film made $140 million in north america alone. the best debut of the year and third best all time behind "the dark knight" and "spider-man 3." did shatter the record for the best opening day taking in $72 million in the u.s. and canada, best opening day on friday. how about that? >>> well, on a different note. in these times of economic strains, we have ten tips to bring down your personal debt. check out our website. for more. it's free. there's a tip right there. get free financial advice. save money. that's number 11. >>> coming up, gold at another record price north of $1,165 an ounce. we're going to analyze the consequences on the currency market. >> i've got a tip, don't spend money on gold. >>> just over 149 at the mo
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4